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Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks, Brendan.

I’m quite enjoying the program. If you don’t mind it, I would like to suggest that a few keyboard shortcuts be added. The reason may not be obvious. I’m an AppleScript guy and, although Tap Forms doesn’t support it, one easy thing you can do with any program is simulate keystrokes. If it has a keystroke or a menu item you can automate it.

A good example of something that would benefit from menu access is iCloud sync. This, of course, allows you to set a keyboard shortcut yourself or to use AppleScript to access the menu.

A good example of something that could use a simple keystroke: when editing a form you can highlight fields with a series of tabs but, for instance, you can’t currently open a note field after the icon is highlighted.

Assuming you are using XCode, this seems like a relatively simple addition that would enhance the program.

Keep up the good work,
Tom S.

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    Hi Tom.

    Tap Forms Mac 2.0 has iCloud Sync in the menu, so that should take care of that one. I'll look into adding a keyboard shortcut to the Notes button. Maybe pressing return or something would open it if the button is selected.



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