I suggest you ...

Several suggestions, actually...

1) Create a field that autofills automatically, such as for a library where things are stored by number...1, 2, 3, and so on. This would be a unique identifier and not able to be duplicated by any other number in that particular form's data (you already have a unique identifier that is hidden until exported to CSV).
2) Have a way to export or import those quick pick lists, particularly if you are sharing data between two devices.
3) Have a way to "beam" a form (and all its data) with all choices used in that form between two devices (iPhones).
4) Offer custom color settings for the program (for example, blue is our sister high school)
5) Make a way for a custom icon for your form (e.g. school logo)
6) Since searches could yield results on any form, make the title of the form show at the top of the individual record page. For example, I could have the music libraries for three high schools on my device in three forms. If i searched for Mozart, all songs by Mozart would appear, and I wouldn't actually know which school owned that music.
7) Selective import. Be able to import certain CSV colums into an exising form, being able to link which fields go to which fields in Tap Forms.
That's all for now...

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    If I understand you correctly the 1) is already possible.
    From your form customization you select or create a new number# field, options for this field can be found in Field choice (I have in different language) but it is below the Field Title.
    Inside Field Choice you can select auto increase and just below you can chose a number by how much it will increase each time you create a new post.

    3) is also possible. Device A can start a transfer and Device B can start receiving either form only or both form and post.
    Enter a post and tap the share icon top right screen and select transfer. The other Device will have to tap the double device icon top left from the the start Forms screen

    7) can somewhat already be done. Just make a specific csv document e.g. in Excel and you can import this in a specified Form to populate it with the new posts

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